DejaVideo is Free!

Download it, install it and forget about it.
Until you suddenly need to go back in time and it saves your ass.

The DejaVideo Menubar App supports macOS High Sierra (10.13) or higher.

Record & Trim

  • Continuously record

    DejaVideo allows you to record your screen continuously and to export the last minute at any moment.

  • Quickly trim

    After exporting, your screen recording will open up in QuickTime.
    Hit ⌘ T and trim it to your needs.


DejaVideo is developed to have a minimum impact on your Mac, you won't notice it's running.

  • Always instant replay
  • Low energy impact
  • 3 FPS
  • Just enough pixels
  • Possible lifesaver

100% offline guarantee

No phoning home, no analytics, no update mechanisms, no connection to the interwebs whatsoever


  • "It's my short term memory"

    "I was juggling an excel sheet and suddenly a column name was missing, command-Z-ing would be a hell. Good thing I had DejaVideo!"
    Excel Juggler

  • "It's my undo backup"

    "I was updating the DNS records for this site and wanted to revert to the previous version. Thank god for DejaVideo!"

  • "It's my proof of breaking stuff"

    "Now, whenever I crash an app during testing, I always have proof of what buttons I clicked the minute before."
    Anonymous QA-er


Contact me to report any ideas or issues.
Visit the roadmap to vote on what features should be added next.

PS: If you could keep track whenever it was useful to go back in time with DejaVideo, that would be awesome!